Review: RAINBURN – Insignify

It could be said that India’s RAINBURN is one of the rare bands on today’s scene that bring such a fruitful mixture of progressive rock/metal, jazz rock and dark rock. They don’t limit themselves to any confines in their music. While they are very technical people who can play with precision this doesn’t mean that the band goes and tosses around excessively long instrumental sections just to keep reminding the listener of their skill. For being the sophomore release, Insignify is the upcoming album from the band, and it is a record that needs time in order to be fully comprehended. There are styles and musical circumstance that get explored on this release only.

Backing somewhat dark themes and overtones is Vats Iyengar’s emotional and sorrowful voice which provides the ideal vehicle to deliver the words. When he sings about this mentally daunting matters, you believe the man. Another one of RAINBURN’s strengths is their ability to have complex songs that still manage to be packed in relatively short pieces. This allows choruses to become hooks, and don’t rely on uber skilled technique to impress. Like stated earlier, the experimental aspects of the music are well above par.

Insignify is a great release from a band that is still to say a lot. Visit RAINBURN’s website for more about the band.



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