Review: Welcome Inside The Brain – Celebrate The Depression

At some point in listening to Celebrate the Depression, a debut full-length offering by Leipzig’s five-piece progressive rock act Welcome Inside The Brain, the music stops being a mixture of a wide variety of different threads of progressive rock and becomes a thread of its own.

I suppose if you combined a number of threads of different colors, you might end up with a dull gray or brown rope, but luckily the metaphor doesn’t stretch that far, and Welcome Inside The Brain is a very colorful concoction. One reference point that keeps coming back to me is the first two Happy the Man albums, though WITB has a somewhat wider array of instruments in the game.

The complexity of the arrangements makes sense to me, with the end result being greater than the sum of its many parts. I am both intrigued and entertained for 43 minutes if I listen to the whole thing, and several of the shorter tracks have made it into the rotation on my phone for when I’m running around. In any case, this is great stuff, one of 2017’s best releases. Get it from this location.


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