Review: Obiymy Doschu – Son

Staring a beautiful landscape and waiting for the sun to hide into the ocean… That is what I felt while I was listening to the new album by Ukrainian progressive / symphonic rock act Obiymy Doschu titled “Son,” which is possibly one of the most beautiful albums of 2017 .

Obiymy Doschu - SonTheir music draws inspiration by bands like Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Pink Floyd, The Gathering and Sigur Ros. This kind of progressive rock music with a dose of ambient details is greatly combined with the melancholic atmosphere of the album and the result is eleven beautiful songs. Despite the fact that “Son” (Ukrainian for “dream”) has this melancholic feeling, there is light into them. Maybe it’s just me but I really think of brightness instead of darkness while I’m listening songs like “Ostannya Myt’” (translates to “The Last Moment”) or the title track. The song called “Kryla” (Ukr. “Wings”) is one of the greatest moments of the album and it’s a proof of what I wrote about brightness. Despite the melancholic and sad lyrics of the song, the overall result brings you pictures of you next to the girl you love, gazing a bright and clean sky in a peaceful landscape. Beautiful isn’t it?

However, there is not only light but dark too. The song “Zemle Moya Myla” (My Dear Land) is, arguably, the saddest and the darkest song of this amazing album. This feels as an ode to Ukraine, the gloomy lyrics talking about destroyed hopes and fears, it is also one of the “heaviest” tunes on the album.

So… To conclude this review, “Son” is a perfect album. Singing in their native language may be an off point for some, but I personally think that it gives the record far more than it takes; the overall result is truly emotional and beautiful. Give yourself a chance to listen to this album and travel with it in bright or dark places. “Son” is bittersweet… So is life.

For more information about Obiymy Doschu and album visit their website.


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