Album Review: Cast – Power and Outcome

There are prog rock albums, there are concept records and there are milestones in music, combining both to an outstanding experience for musicians and fans. Power and Outcome, the nineteenth studio album (I hope I counted that well) by a Mexican Symphonic Progressive Rock band Cast, belongs to the latter.

Almost 40 years on the scene, this band certainly doesn’t lack experience to produce an astonishing release, and with Power and Outcome they did just that. The songs on this thrilling longplayer cover a wide range of sounds and ideas. It seems like the group members having found an endless source of creativity which results in songs like the magic instrumental opener “Rules of the Desert.”


There are more heavy pounding masterpieces like the title track next to complex ones such the “Details” suite. “Through a Stained Glass” is another hit on this release, reminding me of Queen meets Yes.

“Illusions and Tribulations” is a real hymn, followed by the multi-layered “The Gathering.” But the album has even more to offer. The naming of “Dialect for the 21st Century” gives already the idea of being a more free-form song – which it is. The tune has an easy going sympho touch which fits very well into the context, also showing the width of styles this release has to offer.

Power and Outcome is a shining release that has the potential to stand in line with some of the genre’s favourite classics. It is a beautiful magnum opus featuring timeless music that belongs to the best things I’ve heard over the last years. Calling this album your own is a ‘must’ for fans of very well-done rock music, with a passion for outstanding soundscapes, build on a high level of quality by acting as a carrier for an interesting story. This album is big.

Grab a copy of the album here.


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