Album Review: Increate – Void

Increate from Portland, Oregon are about to launch their new record entitled Void on the 3rd February. This band describes their music as a mix of Progressive Metal, Technical Death Metal and Djent, which definitely fits with the music of their record. Maybe they could add the terms Melodic and Ambient, as some of their songs feature these elements as well.

If we take a look on  the opening “Depths of R’lyeh” we will hear a sound of Technical Death (solos) grounded with djent (rhythms), with some ambient elements. Increate remind one a lot of the UK-based No Consequence, with their groove and way to structure their songs. Due to the fact that all of the songs are on a very similar level it is hard to highlight the best ones. But “The Audient Void” and “Interstellar Displacement” intrigue with a very nice Periphery / Animals as Leaders vibe that comes with some good matching clean guitars, greasy riffs and groovy rhythm sections.

Clean parts do not appear that often in songs, but Increate works with them as bridges into following songs. The mentioned “Interstellar Displacement” brings some diversity with a keen little clean part inside of the song.

The sound of Void is good produced for an underground band. It could have maybe a bit more polish, but it works out as it is pretty good as well. Increate know how to play their instruments, and of course also how to write quality songs. If you are into good progressive / technical metal with some more influences and nice melodies, you will have a good one with Void. It is available from Bandcamp, so make sure to check it out!


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