Album Review: Althea – Memories Have No Name

Perfect sound, fantastic keyboards effects, heavy guitars, crystal clear voice, killing riffs: welcome to “Memories Have No Name.” Althea’s newest release is so powerful (riffs), and in the same time melodic (voice / guitars) & atmospheric (guitars and keyboards). The overall sounds is really great.

I need to highlight here that there are so many influences (or sounds should I say), that you cannot compare Althea’s music to another one, they “already” have their own style. From voice effect to power guitar riffs, this is the kind of album that grows on you slowly but surely. They are too many True Metal bands these days and Althea proves with this record, that you can create very good music and avoid fashion and trends. Listen to this one! You will be impressed by the quality of their music.

From powerprog metal songs to an unbelievable “ballad,” Althea’s songwriting quality is really impressive. The more I listen to it, the better I find it. Very well done guys!!!

Treat yourself with a copy of the album; buy it here.


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